Invention of writing

The History of <em>Writing</em>

The History of Writing It is not known precisely when or where Homo sapiens, the biological species of conscious, thinking creatures, emerged. The invention of writing. In ancient times, nobody knew that writing needed to be invented and its invention has been the fruit of continuous advances, through a process which has lasted.

Inventors and <em>Inventions</em> A -

Inventors and Inventions A - As the search for our prehistoric orins continues, the early innovations of our ancestors have been pushed back further in time. Inventors and Inventions A. AIRPLANE The first working airplane was invented, desned, made, and flown by the Wrht brothers, Wilbur Wrht 1867-1912 and.

The <b>Invention</b> of <b>Writing</b>

The Invention of Writing It is believed that we evolved from a species that lived in the southern part of Africa. Nevertheless it was one of the Great Inventions of Mankind, like metal-smelting, the wheel and, toWriting was indeed invented quite separately by at least two different cultures and possibly three.

General information concerning patents USPTO

General information concerning patents USPTO These early hominids ventured out onto the grassy plains and into caves as the forests in that part of the world slowly disappeared. Find out if a utility, desn, or plant patent is rht for you

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