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Did Tip De-Friend Lil Wayne? - Exclusive Hip Hop News, Interviews. Or you can hear it as the post-verbal eruption that best reflects the incomprehensibility of the rht now, an inside-out soliloquy for our scrambled American mood. We like to treat pop stars like deities, but sometimes our affection starts to feel indecent, and it helps to think of greatness as a roving vibe, an immaterial current that flows through the coolest people in the room. Rapper Lil Wayne attends Samsung Galaxy Life Fest at SXSW 2016 in. Being wrong is one thing but then you went and wrote a essay about it.

Lil Wayne 'Nicki Minaj is better than other rappers - period. Whatever that shimmering antimatter is, it’s gushing through the soft tissue of this 23-year-old Atlanta native who has already released more than 100 songs in the past year, nearly all of them as unpredictable as they are alive. He just dropped a new mix tape, “Slime Season,” to celebrate the launch of a national tour. An essay for TIME Magazine. Lil Wayne has paid tribute to former protege Nicki Minaj in a glowing essay for TIME Magazine. Celebrity doctor's choking video saved my baby boy's life News · Martin McGuinness pictured.

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